Find YOU In 2015

What is your passion? My mom (aka Cecile) reminded me recently of a conversation we had many years ago. In a nutshell, I was bummed because I really didn’t have any one thing that I was really good at. I always felt that everyone has something they do really well and I couldn’t figure out what my “thing” was.

I went to college and majored in sales and marketing. I liked it but wasn’t passionate about my career choice of sales (advertising then recruiting). Most of the time I found myself faking the drive and enthusiasm.

So, present day. I fake nothing. I am a much wiser 40 year old woman who refuses to fake anything! No matter if you are right out of college, a stay-at-home mom or someone who is just bored with your present state of affairs, Do something that makes YOU happy. Find YOUR passion. Do what you fear the most and take a chance. Train for a marathon, cut your hair, take that trip, or start a business. Whatever your passion is, follow it now matter how big or small!

Life is too freaking short not be happy. If you don’t know what your “thing” is, you will soon enough. We all have one. When you find it, jump on it!

Find YOU this year!!!!

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