Find YOU In 2015

What is your passion? My mom (aka Cecile) reminded me recently of a conversation we had many years ago. In a nutshell, I was bummed because I really didn’t have any one thing that I was really good at. I always felt that everyone has something they do really well and I couldn’t figure out what my “thing” was.

I went to college and majored in sales and marketing. I liked it but wasn’t passionate about my career choice of sales (advertising then recruiting). Most of the time I found myself faking the drive and enthusiasm.

So, present day. I fake nothing. I am a much wiser 40 year old woman who refuses to fake anything! No matter if you are right out of college, a stay-at-home mom or someone who is just bored with your present state of affairs, Do something that makes YOU happy. Find YOUR passion. Do what you fear the most and take a chance. Train for a marathon, cut your hair, take that trip, or start a business. Whatever your passion is, follow it now matter how big or small!

Life is too freaking short not be happy. If you don’t know what your “thing” is, you will soon enough. We all have one. When you find it, jump on it!

Find YOU this year!!!!

Things we couldn’t live without in 2014!

My girlfriends and I compiled a list of products that have made life worth living;)

So, this list is quite random so hang in there with me.  Seriously could not have made it without these products. Ok, a little dramatic but you get my point.

Here it goes….

1.  Jawbone Up 24  


This little device has been a game changer in terms of our fitness goals. You can monitor every step you take or don’t take. It also monitors your sleep patterns. The best feature is that you can link with your friend. Ok, so it has led to some stalker tendencies, walking in place at 11:45 at night, and getting on the treadmill in flip flops just to get your step goal completed. however, it gets our butt moving everyday.

2.  Amphipod Handheld Hydration

FullSizeRender_1Very important to use on a hot day. It holds your phone and whatever variety of energy gummies you need. Here’s a tip – Focus on the road and not your phone or else you could hit uneven pavement and hit the ground with your face. It also comes in handy if you wet your pants during a long run. Just pour water all over your pants. Boom, done. Not that I have ever done that😜.

3.  Urban Decay “Naked” pallet (all of them)

FullSizeRender-4Worth every penny!  Each pallet will last forever. If you don’t know how to apply it, go to Pinterest or You Tube.

4. Brow Zings by Benefit

FullSizeRender-5So you plucked a little more than you planned. Poor brows. Fill them in with this handy little compact.

5. They’re Real mascara by Benefit  IMG_0118

LOVE!!!!  KB bought this for me because she loved it so much. I immediately bought it for my mom. We are huge fans!

6.  Neutrogena  Healthy Skin Glow Bronzer

IMG_0116KB didn’t even really know  what bronzer was before she tried this product. She was sure it was probably only for women who are experts at applying makeup. And while she knew she felt like she needed a little color on her cheeks, she never liked the harsh look she tended to get when using blush. The bronzer is really subtle so it’s nearly impossible to make a mistake when putting it on. Just use a fat brush to swish a little on and you’ve got an instant healthy glow.  She uses it every day.  Here I thought she just had a natural glow. I have been bamboozled!


7.  Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray 


Wash, dry, spray this heavenly nectar all over your head, scrunch, then GO.

8.  Fake Bake – Original Self Tanning Lotion  

FullSizeRender-4Yes, it’s winter time but when I am feeling extra casperish, I put this stuff on and it’s like I’ve been transported back from the Caribbean. A few tips:  This lotion is to be used before bed and the “color guide” will wash off in the shower the next morning.  For the love of everything holy, please wear gloves. Another biggie…If you have a cold and your nose is running like a faucet, put toilet paper in your nose so you don’t have to worry about rubbing the lotion off (such a turn on for my husband😀).

9.  Donna Karen Cashmere Mist  


11.  Frank’s Hot Sauce  FullSizeRender_3

How we love some Frank! You can literally put this on everything.

13.  Seaweed Snack

Low fat and packs a punch of flavor. Check the teeth afterwards. Could be embarrassing!


14.  Tervis Tumbler

You need your beverage to remain cold..check. You need your beverage to remain hot…check.

You need a cute accessory that serves as cup…check.IMG_17981

15.  Tyler Candles

They just smell soooo good!  FullSizeRender_1

16. OPI You Don’t Know Jacques